What’s the purpose of this blog? Excellent question, my dear.

Peg stopped by my office today, and we had one of those meetings where she stood in the doorway while I sat at my desk. Two people walked by interrupting our conversation, and we had to pause and swift gears to keep the impromptu meeting going. I was in the middle of writing two emails, two project timelines, and one list of notes of what I have to do this week. Peg was carrying three bags of stuff for whatever her day held. Busy Monday, well, hello.

Peg asked me, “What exactly are we doing with this blog? Do you expect us all to write?” My response was, “I’m not really sure, but we said we would do it. And yes, I want all of you to contribute and I’ll moderate the posts.” Sounds dreamy and easy right?

Well, future facilitator who may be reading this for tips on how to create an FLC at your institution, here are two things I learned today.

1. Accept that you are herding busy driven people who say yes to a lot of things. They are known as “the usual suspects” who show up for everything teaching-related. I like to call them “teacher’s teachers” and thankfully my FLC folks fit this description. And boy howdy, do they have busy schedules! A Doodle Poll may make things easier, but it’s still hard to find mutual times for meeting. You have to be flexible. Get used to writing the following email a lot. You can plagiarize me and save yourself time.

Hello (enter busy professional’s name here),

I hope you’re doing well. Would you possibly have any flexibility in your schedule on (enter date here) from 1:00-2:30, 2:00-3:30, or 3:00-4:00? This is the only date on our Doodle poll where four out of five of us responded with availability. No worries if you can’t adjust your schedule! Thank you for your time, and I look forward to your response.

2. If you have to mail anything to your FLC, accept this is an-hour long process. Yes, you’d think mailing books to three community colleges less than 20 miles away would not involve much labor, but you would be wrong. Budget codes, mailing materials, and discussions about addresses took longer than I thought. It took so much time to get it together that I didn’t even include a note to my FLC. How rude! Well, folks, the books are their way.

Next step: getting the first invitation on the calendar and accepting that it’s already November.


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