Teacher Think Tank AKA Unconference 2015

Rather than send an email to the attendees that are a part of our Unconference, I thought I’d post who is coming, what we are doing, and why here. I failed to consider that the folks attending may need to explain what they will be doing at my college this Friday. Thank you for the reminder, Tom Braziunas–Viva the superior insights of people with Lithuanian heritage (wink).

What We Are Doing 

The goal is to come together and write policy that we can share with our superiors and grant writers. We might be dreaming big, but we can always scale down to what’s possible. I’ve asked people to think and write their responses to the following questions. Here is what I said in the invitation.


  1. What do you do at your college (and how well does it work)?
  2. What do you wish you did differently?
  3. What do you do to incentivize professional learning (for FT and PT)?
  4. What would you like to learn from your colleagues?
  5. What would professional learning look like on your campus if nobody could say no to your ideas?

Why We’re Doing This

Peg and I want to learn from other people facing the same issues we are at Everett Community College. Part of our FLC grant is to do research on Teaching and Learning Centers. We were inspired by the ATL Winter Retreat, and we agreed this is what we want to do. What we need to do. Our goal will be to have a day of positive conversation where we can establish a network with like-minded colleagues within the system who are interested in meaningful professional learning for all faculty.


We are administrators, faculty, and instruction designers in title, but we’re all educators at heart.

Peg Balachowski, Associate Dean For Teaching and Learning at Everett Community College

Lisa Chamberlin, eLearning and Evening College coordinator at Walla Walla Community College

Kathleen Chambers, Instructional Designer at North Seattle College

Stephanie Diemel, Physics Faculty/Instructional Designer at Shoreline Community College

Tom Gibbons, Instructional Designer at Seattle Central and South Seattle Colleges 

Walter Hudsick, English Faculty at Cascadia College

Alyson Indrunas, Director of eLearning and Instructional Design at Everett Community College

Todd Lundberg, Dean For Student Learning at Cascadia College

Claire Murata, Collection Development Librarian at Shoreline Community College

Amy Rovner, Instructional Designer/Nutrition Faculty at Shoreline Community College

Carey Schroyer, Associate Dean of Instruction at Edmonds Community College

How We Will Disseminate The Information

I will post to this blog and to the federated wiki in order support the visionary work of Ward Cunningham and Michael Caulfield, Director of Blended & Networked Learning at WSU Vancouver. I will also connect ideas through the eLearning Council. More on that later.

Funding Provided by SBCTC FLC Grant: breakfast, lunch, snacks, travel costs included

Blog title credit: Joanne Munroe, a teacher-leader who saw my potential and helped me on my career path. I’m honored that you saw me as a future colleague when I was your student.


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